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Ultimate Sports Therapy Nuno's Success Story

"Carolyn Zepf in my opinion is one of the most knowledgeable sports therapist I have had the pleasure of knowing. When my clients have requested I recommend an experienced sports therapist/message therapist etc... I do not hesitate in recommending Carolyn and her staff at UST. All my clients have come back to me thanking me for the referral. I respond by saying I wish to only recommend the best and Carolyn you and your staff in my opinion are the best."



Nuno de Salles, SWEAT Elite Personal Training Studios Beyond Fitness Owner/Founder


Ultimate Sports Therapy Linda's Success Story

"When it comes to getting treatment for nagging little pains or injuries, many individuals won't because they feel they just don't have the time. I used to feel that way myself, but with age, my injuries just don't heal like they used to, and especially not without some extra care. Ultimate Sports Therapy makes it easy to get treatment right away and there is no hassle".

" I am pleased to have been treated by Carolyn for many little, and a couple "not so little" injuries, over the past two years. Her knowledge and expertise is top notch when it comes to sports related injuries, but it doesn't stop there, her knowledge is vast on so much more. I also find it is very beneficial to discuss treatment options with her because she is an athlete herself and therefore understands"!

"The warm, friendly and professional atmosphere at Ultimate Sports Therapy is awesome. I highly recommend Carolyn and her services/clinic to everyone who wants the best for themselves".

Linda de Los Reyes, Owner/ Athlete, Kombat Arts & RAVEN Self Defense


Ultimate Sports Therapy Richard's Success Story

"With any injury large or small Carolyn and her staff have always provided me with excellent care. Carolyn is a professional at getting me back in working condition and on to the road of recovering. I highly recommend the UST team for any competitive athlete or weekend warrior".





Richard Murdoch, Captain – Brampton Fire and Emergency Services


"I have Carolyn to thank for identifying the severity of my Achilles tendonitis. She was inspecting a fresh knee injury, when she noticed my chronic Achilles tendonitis on the opposing leg. Carolyn not only treated both my knee and Achilles tendon, but she also recommended that I visit Jason, the Craniosacral therapist, for further sessions for my Achilles tendon. A true sign of an exceptional therapist, as she caught an injury I didn't even mention and suggesting different treatment methods, due to the fact that the chronic injury wasn't as receptive to most treatments. In addition to healing my Achilles tendon, I was pleasantly surprised when Jason gave me back mobility in my right shoulder. I was told that I would need surgery before I would be able to swim again, but after a few Osteopathic treatments from Jason, I was able to regain the majority of my mobility. Thank you Jason and Carolyn for all your knowledge, support and giving me back the mobility to do what I love.

"When you come to Ultimate Sports Therapy, you are not only going to be treated but you will also gain a supportive group of friends."

Cheryl Tin


"My first visit to the Ultimate Sports Therapy clinic was for a session with Carolyn, and when I left I was confident that I would be able to approach her or anyone else on staff with any question or concerns. I continue to receive excellent treatment and even better advice on injury prevention. Having tried numerous other clinics, I can honestly say this is the most comfortable and hassle-free environment I’ve ever encountered. I recently started massage therapy sessions and along with their other services, everything is always exceptional. UST really cares about their clients; they give them the best in care, knowledge and advice. I am now convinced that this is the place for me to seek any sort of treatment."

Behrooz Komeili



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