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    Carolyn Zepf

    Carolyn Zepf

    Carolyn is the founder and visionary of Ultimate Sports Therapy. Carolyn is a graduate of Sheridan College's Sport Injury Management program, a Certified Athletic Therapist with the Canadian Athletic Therapist Association, and certified CHEK Practitioner through the CHEK Institute. Carolyn is currently attending classes at the Canadian College of Osteopathy to attain her DOMP to be registered as an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner.

    From an early age, Carolyn adopted a lifestyle of eating healthy and staying active. In high school, Carolyn drew on her love of physical education as her inspiration to becoming a personal trainer and fitness instructor, something she accomplished in her senior year. She also began boxing to take her own fitness to new levels.

    While still in her late teens, Carolyn experienced pain in her knees and shins and decided to seek treatment from an Athletic Therapist. When she saw how accurately the therapist assessed and treated her, she know that she had found her calling. Carolyn volunteered at the clinic, began looking into schools offering Athletic Therapy and soon after was accepted into Sheridan College’s Sports Injury Management program.

    While attending her program, Carolyn suffered another bout of injuries: this time a severe neck and back injury. Carolyn immediately began designing a rehab exercise program and attended weekly treatment sessions with an osteopath and become familiar with their treatment methods. Now years later she herself is studying the art and science of osteopathy and using it with her patients with great success.