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    Athletic Therapy

    Athletic Therapy, or as some people might call it "Sports Therapy", is a healthcare profession that specializes in the treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal (i.e. bone, muscle and joint) sports related injuries . An Athletic Therapist specializes in treating individuals with active lifestyles.

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    What is Athletic Therapy?

    Athletic therapists assess and directly treat sports injuries as well as assist patients through a rehabilitation process specifically tailored to the individual for optimal recovery time and successful injury recovery. Athletic Therapists provide an active treatment program with patients.

    An Athletic Therapist takes the time to educate their patients on their injuries. By educating the patient throughout their recovery, both recovery time and the risk of re-injury are reduced while the patient leaves each session better informed.


    Therapeutic modalities are used on acute and chronic injuries to enhance the speed of healing.


    • Therapeutic ultrasound uses sound waves that are absorbed into soft tissue and have thermal and non-thermal effects. Connective tissue such as ligaments, tendons, scar tissue and fascia respond very well to ultrasound.

    Electrical Therapy:

    • Electrical modalities as the name implies uses electrical currents to stimulate muscle tissue, reduce pain, muscle spasm and swelling.

    Laser (phototherapy):

    • Phototherapy, light energy, is used successfully for tissue healing. Light energy provides extra energy required for healing, the tissue therefore is able to heal itself quickly and naturally.